Cancer in Men

Cancer in men from a spiritual holistic perspective.

There are three major causes to prostate cancer that we can see. The first is most men DO NOT drink enough water. Alcohol, wine & fizzy drinks do not count as water in terms of the body. Without enough pure natural water the body is dehydrated and reacts by forcing urination because is thinks it isn’t needed.

The second problem with the prevalence of cancers in the genital area is the temperature. It should be understand that the male genitals are designed to be outside the body specifically to be kept cool. In the male, the bladder is very close to the surface so when it gets heated it expands which causes the urge to urinate. This problem is expressly exaggerated by modern clothing which is not made from natural fibres. Fifty years ago prostrate was not a problem as the majority of clothing was made from 100% cotton or 100% wool. 

The third problem is the electric blanket. Sleeping on an electric blanket creates abnormal heat in that area so the body will react and try to defend itself which ends up in a situation of the body creating abnormal cells which become cancerous.

In the native & eastern populations, even in hot areas prostrate was not a problem. If you think it through it will make sense. Looking back through history men didn’t wear tight fitting clothing. The Greeks, Egyptians, Romans wore togas, the Scottish wore kilts, Maori wore very little and the pacific people wear Lava Lava which is the healthier option.

Prostate cancer in men in NZ over the last 40 years has become endemic. Even worse when you combine their underpants, singlets and shirts adding another layer over that area all made from unnatural fibres, the chemicals from those fibres are absorbed into the body through the skin. Not drinking enough natural water means that these chemicals are not flushed from the body and end us as cancer cells.

The solution is quite simple which goes for women as well is to wear undergarments that are made of 100% cotton. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Going back to basics is the better option.