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Gardening For Health

Did you know that everything on the earth is a vibration? When you put your hands in the soil, you transfer your vibrations to the plants and at the same time receive the good vibrations into your body from Mother Earth in exchange? How does that happen? Although you can’t see them you have chakras …

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Cancer in Men

Cancer in men from a spiritual holistic perspective. There are three major causes to prostate cancer that we can see. The first is most men DO NOT drink enough water. Alcohol, wine & fizzy drinks do not count as water in terms of the body. Without enough pure natural water the body is dehydrated and …

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My Water Crystal

My water crystal is an example of a natural crystal that has it’s life force within it. I DO NOT use crystals for healing purposes because that is not their function. One of the uses I have for my crystals is to purify my water. This is water straight out of the tap with nothing added to it. As you …

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The Truth About Crystals

Many books have been written about crystals and their healing abilities. They are marketed as the go to product for alternative healings. What isn’t realized, is, in our world of mass marketing and manufacturing, even God’s mineral Kingdom is being bastardized by man for monetary gain. This practice brings into question the effectiveness of crystals for healing? How does …

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