The Dahvine power of God Captured in Mother nature

Living according to God’s divine plan.

There are three basic activities necessary for all living things including humans upon this planet that are necessary  to survive? They are eating, drinking and breathing.

The same applies to Mother Nature. It must have three things in order to flourish and grow. They are the Sun, Water and Earth. Without them nothing will live.

Not only did God create the Sun to give light by day but also to give us life, warmth and health. Even if we plant seeds and water them, without the heat from the son to germinate them they will not grow.

Health benefits from the Sun

By exposing our bodies to the air and the Sun it absorbs the life giving elements from the Sunwhich stimulates being the largest organ in our body.

Sun bathing at the beach is even more beneficial as your body gets the added benefits by absorbing the negative IONS. The sea is the greatest source of negative IONS. While Sun bathing the pores of the skin are exposed allowing them to breathe. 

As with everything it needs to be done in moderation. Too much Sun damages the skin. Deep breathing excercises taken in the open air and in the Sunshine is very healthy.

No need to diet when you follow these simple steps.

The Bible says one man’s food, is another mans poison. We must each learn what foods suit us best and eat in moderation. Most  overindulge which causes them to be overweight. The control is your own hands.

Drinking water is as important as breathing. The majority of people do not drink enough water and are dehydrated. At the very least one should drink an adequate amount of water three times a day.

Our bodies are over 70 % water and perspires out through the skin so it needs water to replace it. Stagnation is death so the body also needs exercise. Walking is the best form of exercise.